Thursday September 5th 5:30-8pm and Sunday September 8th 2-5pm

Please arrive on time and be prepared to stay for the entire audition

at the Nagle Y: 54 Nagle Ave

Ages: 12-18

Thursday September 5th 5:30-8pm and Sunday September 8th 2-5pm

Please arrive on time and be prepared to stay for the entire audition

at the Nagle Street Y: 54 Nagle Ave

Ages: 12-18



For Lead or supporting role prepare 1 minute Classical (Shakespearean, Greek, etc.) monologue memorized

Come prepared to move


There will also be reading from sides

Cast Breakdown

Please note that most of the roles in this production can be cast from any or no specific gender.  If there is a role you are interested in, please put it on your audition form, regardless of whether you are of the same gender as the character as written.


Twelve years ago, Prospero/Prospera was Duke of Milan. Being a devoted scholar, he withdrew into his studies, leaving the management of his state to his brother Antonio. Eventually, with the help of Alonso, King of Naples, and the King's brother Sebastian – old enemies of Prospero - Antonio usurped the dukedom for himself. Prospero and his baby daughter Miranda were put to sea in a rotten boat and eventually landed on a distant island once ruled by the witch Sycorax but now inhabited by her son, Caliban, and Ariel, a spirit of the air, as well as other spirits. Since then Prospero has ruled the island and its inhabitants by the use of magic arts derived from his studies. His daughter Miranda has grown up seeing no other human being.

Prospero divines that fortune has brought his enemies close to the island and he sees an opportunity to work his revenge. He uses his powers to raise a storm which shipwrecks them. The shipwrecked travelers are separated. At Prospero's bidding, the invisible Ariel directs their wanderings. He leads Ferdinand, the King's son, to Prospero's cell, where he and Miranda fall instantly in love. Prospero sets difficult tasks to test Ferdinand.

While Alonso, the King of Naples, searches for his son, his brother Sebastian, plots with Antonio to kill him and seize the crown. The drunken butler, Stephano, and the jester, Trinculo, encounter Caliban and are persuaded by him to kill Prospero so that they can rule the island.

Satisfied that Ferdinand has met all his challenges, Prospero presents the young couple with a betrothal masque celebrating chastity and the blessings of marriage. 

As Prospero's plan draws to its climax, he vows that upon its completion he will abandon his magic arts. Ariel gathers Alonso and his followers and Prospero, in his own persona as Duke of Milan, confronts his enemies and forgives them. In the betrothal of Ferdinand and Miranda, the rift between Naples and Milan is healed. Finally, Prospero grants Ariel his freedom and prepares to leave the island for Milan and his restored Dukedom.



·         Prospero or Prospera – the rightful Duke of Milan though his/her kingdom and title were usurped by his/her brother, Antonio.  A powerful practitioner of magic.

·         Miranda – daughter to Prospero/Prospera. Although her background is noble, she has lived on the island since she was three. Sheltered, naïve, but intelligent and curious

·         Ariel – A spirit of the island who is Prospero's chief helper and slave. Mischievous and deft: acts as Prospero's eyes and ears, reporting back and carrying out orders in the hopes of gaining promised freedom for labor. Sings and moves very well.

·         Caliban – a servant of Prospero and a son of an evil witch, abandoned on the island. Angry, as he is compelled to serve Prospero. Although the text describes Caliban as a "savage and deformed slave" in this production he is not deformed and is only perceived as savage because he is different from the Italians

·         Alonso or Alonsa– King of Naples. Shipwrecked on the island, he is consumed with grieving for his son who he believes is lost at sea. Aristocratic.

·         Sebastian – Alonso's brother. An opportunist who is often negative or critical, but covers it with a sharp wit. With his nephew seemingly lost at sea, he realizes that he is next in line for the throne. A born conspirator. Aristocratic.

·         Antonio or Antonia– Prospero's brother, the usurping Duke of Milan. Ambitious. Seeks every opportunity to grow his influence and control, and has no problem harming others along the way. An aristocrat.

·         Ferdinand –the son of the king of Naples (Alonso); during the storm he is separated from the rest of the king's party, meets Miranda, and falls in love with her.

·         Gonzalo or Gonzala – an honest old councilor. A wise and kind soul who has weathered many storms

·         Adrian – a lord serving under Alonso

·         Francisco – a lord serving under Alonso

·         Trinculo – the King's jester (comic role)

·         Stephano – the King's drunken butler (comic role)

·         Juno – the Roman goddess of marriage. Sings and moves very well

·         Ceres – Roman goddess of agriculture. Sings and moves very well

·         Iris – Greek goddess of the sea and sky. Sings and moves very well

·         Master – master of the ship

·         Sailors

·         Boatswain – servant of the master of the ship

·         Ensemble of Spirits who sing, move, and will have some lines assigned.





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