Board elections were held for The Pied Piper Children’s Theatre of NYC, Inc. We thank each of the 17 nominees who came forward, willing to serve the Pied Piper kids and community. It was a very strong group of individuals. 
At this time, we are very pleased to announce the new members of the Pied Piper Board of Directors. Congratulations to each of the following people:
Joe Burby
Cathy Cabrera-Figueroa
Emilia Ciotti
Liz Ciotti
Janice Kamrin
Kevin Kunkel
Mike Lehmann
Janet Mervin
Marna Nape-Spiotta


Current Artistic Director: 

Yvonne Bill

New Artistic Director (Summer & Next Season):

Colleen Hawks-Pierce


After enjoying 20 wonderful years as a ministry of Holy Trinity Church, Inwood, Pied Piper Children's Theatre is in the process of becoming an independent non-profit entity. Holy Trinity is embarking on a 3 year period of renovation and will be forced to relocate. As a result they will not have the bandwidth to sustain this theater program we all know and love. And so here we are! The families of Pied Piper Children's Theatre are organizing and working hard to keep this community institution thriving and we need your help!

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