2020 PPCT Board Nominees

Please take a moment to review some information about these fresh nominees for our board. 

Amanda Bogacz (PPCT alumna)

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Amanda Bogacz and I was a PPCT participant from 2000-2010 (ages 8-18). As a member of the founding generation of participants, I was extremely involved with the start of this theatre. I was a member of the Actor’s Society when it first started, a mentee to incoming Actor’s Society members, Secretary of the Actor’s Society in 2008/2009 and Vice President of the Actor’s Society in 2009/2010. I was part of the group that started the Pied Piper Open Mic series, now a staple in the community, and I was a finalist in the Northern Manhattan Talent competition in 2009. I performed in 20 productions, and was a backstage hand in numerous others. 

Currently, I work in the Development department at Film at Lincoln Center, an art-house movie theatre that produces such reputable festivals as New Directors/New Films and the New York Film Festival. I hold a dual degree from Pitzer College in Theatre and Creative Writing. Post graduating from college in 2014, I went on to work in numerous arts administration positions. I have extensive experience in fundraising on an individual level, organizing and running membership programs, non-profit management, office management, fundraising systems, community organizing, and social media. 

In my free time, I have orchestrated a number of arts community projects including a female art collective, the production of a zine, and a musical theatre camp in New Jersey. I have specialized interest and talent in community organizing. I am also an avid creative writer and still a huge theatre nerd! 

I think I would be a great representative of Pied Piper’s founding generation, and an active alumni participant. I am very engaged with the PPCT alumni community from both my generation and after, and feel passionately in continuing to engage with alumni as much as possible. I believe I have a fresh, youthful perspective on arts management, while still having thorough experience in it. I believe community theatres like PPCT, particularly those designed for children and teens, are unmatched in their community importance and influence. The lessons I learned from my time at PPCT are invaluable and have helped me in every step of my life. I am wholly committed to helping continue PPCT’s

Scott Grillo (current PPCT parent)

I would like to add my name for consideration for a position with the PPCT Executive Board. My wife Kristin and I and our three children, Elle, Lola, and Sandro, have been a part of the PPCT community for over ten years. We've watched our children grow up in the theater and have a deep understanding of the special place PPCT holds in the hearts of so many. I would love the chance to give back to PPCT by lending my financial acumen and business skills to help the theater continue on its mission. 

In my professional life I am the President of McGraw Hill's Professional Publishing division where I am responsible for all aspects of the organization’s global publishing program. I oversee a team of over 200 individuals in 15 countries around the world with complete P&L responsibilities and ambitious revenue and EBITDA growth targets. In addition, I serve as a fiduciary member of McGraw Hill's retirement plan investment committee where I help to review, monitor and compare the investment options provided to participants under the plan.

Mary Beth Ryan-Maher (former PPCT parent)

I am the parent of a former Pied Piper actor, Anna Maher (2019), with experience in popcorn making, concession sales, hair and make-up (mostly hair), and costuming. I am still an active audience member and would be honored to contribute as a board member. I have many years of grant writing experience and could support the theatre in developing a grants strategy, identifying potential funders, and applying for grants. Anna’s last year at PPCT was also the theatre’s last year at the Holy Trinity space - a thrilling time when Yvonne Bill pounded the pavement for a new home; Michael Lehmann drew up legal documents to make PPCT an independent not-for-profit entity; Nancy and Scott Marchetta planned an amazing 20 year gala celebration; others took to fundraising on social media, and the PPCT cast and crew entertained Lin-Manuel Miranda and his family with their production of Shrek. This past year, the 2019-2020 season, is a victory in so many ways for the kids, their parents and the community. Once again, PPCT demonstrated its resiliency - this time in the face of a global pandemic - and continues its mission in new and creative ways. I’d love to support PPCT as a board member and see its impact grow. Kudos to the inaugural board members!

Eric Schaer (current PPCT parent)

My name is Eric Schaer. Both of my children, Eliana (16) and Ari (12) have participated in PPCT since 2014. Since that time, PPCT has become such an integral part of all of our lives, that we cannot imagine life without it. PPCT faced many challenges last year, and the current Board, along with the incredible leadership team of Colleen, Nancy and Marna (along with several others), have done a tremendous job in ensuring that PPCT was able to continue on, but, I realize that there is still a lot of work to be done to ensure PPCT’s long term survival. 

My wife, Iris, and I, have always been involved in PPCT, whether it was volunteering to work concessions or ticket sales, working last year’s Gala, or fundraising during last year’s CrowdRise campaign. In my “real” life, I am an attorney with a small law firm in New York, Kaplan Levenson P.C. that focuses on commercial litigation. I have also served on the Board of Directors of my co-op (100 Overlook Terrace) for the last 14 years. I believe my legal background combined with my work on my co-op Board would be beneficial to PPCT. My legal experience provides me with a slightly different perspective to help address the challenges and issues that PPCT will face, whether it be reviewing contracts, drafting new policies or considering the legal aspects of certain decisions we must make.