For those of you who do not know me, my name is Amanda Bogacz, and I was a PPCT participant from 2000-2010 (ages 8-18). As a member of the founding generation of participants, I was extremely involved with the start of this theatre. I was a member of the Actor’s Society when it first started, a mentee to incoming Actor’s Society members, Secretary of the Actor’s Society in 2008/2009 and Vice President of the Actor’s Society in 2009/2010. I was part of the group that started the Pied Piper Open Mic series, now a staple in the community. I performed in 20 productions, and was a backstage hand in numerous other productions.

Currently, I work in the Development department at Film at Lincoln Center, an art-house movie theatre that produces such reputable festivals as New Directors/New Films and the New York Film Festival. I hold a dual degree from Pitzer College in Theatre and Creative Writing. I have a great amount of experience with fundraising on an individual level, social media, and publicity, as well as event planning. In my free time, I have orchestrated a number of arts community projects including a female art collective, the production of a zine, and a musical theatre camp in New Jersey. I have specialized interest and talent in community organizing.

I think I would be a great representative of Pied Piper’s founding generation, and an active alumni participant. I am very engaged with the PPCT alumni community from both my generation and after, and feel passionately in continuing to engage with alumni as much as possible. I believe I have a fresh, youthful perspective on arts management, while still having thorough experience in it. I love Pied Piper and the Uptown community and am eager to help PPCT continue to be the important community staple it has always been.