My name is Cathy Cabrera-Figueroa, I am the parent of Tamara and Gabriel Figueroa. We were introduced to Pied Piper Children’s Theatre over ten years ago through our niece. When Tamara attended her first performance she knew PPCT was where she wanted to be, where she belonged. In 2010, when she was in first grade, she auditioned for and performed in her first play, Anne of Green Gables. Naturally, Gabriel soon joined the theater, as did our whole family. PPCT is not only a children’s theater, it is a family theater. 

When I think of PPCT, I think of a safe space where my children can express themselves and be themselves. At some point both my children decided that they needed a break from the theater but when they returned it was as if they never left. My son had decided he did not want to perform at all but he was embraced to help backstage and tech. It is this spirit that I want to maintain as a member of the board. I want to continue to foster the idea of teamwork and inclusion that was inherent in PPCT when Rey-Rey first founded PPCT over 20 years ago. 

Finally, I was born and raised in Washington Heights. I have seen Upper Manhattan go through many changes over the last few decades and I understand the importance of spaces like Pied Piper Children’s Theatre for kids not only during rough times but also during the good times. I understand that PPCT may not continue to look the same once we are in a different location but I want to promote the founding principles of unity and friendship amongst kids who have a common love of the theater.