I've been a Pied Piper parent (Isabelle) since 2015 and fell in love at first sight. Pied Piper is very much like the program in my small Massachusetts town where I worked on my first show at age 14 and never stopped (stage management and tech, not performing) through college and beyond. I understand in my bones the way theater can become a young person's home, the place where they can find their authentic selves, and Pied Piper has been exactly that for Isabelle and so many others. While I currently work as a history professor at NYU, I began my career doing fundraising for arts organizations and worked at a history non-profit for 18 years in a position that involved a great deal of grant writing. I've lived in the neighborhood for twenty years and organizations like Pied Piper are essential to building and sustaining the networks that keep it special. I'd be honored to offer my time and talents to Pied Piper Children's Theater as a board member.