Co-founder, board member and education consultant of Different Directions, 501c3 homeschool community and enrichment center in NYC since 2009.
Homeschool Parent- teaching, organizing and facilitating the educational path for her 4 children, now 24, 22, 20, 17. This included relationships with NYC Opera and Metropolitan Opera, as well as various professional and community theaters. 

A PPCT parent and supporter since 2004. PPCT Backstage “hair and makeup coordinator” since 2014. 

A co-founder and consultant of Sirreal Brand, purveyor of fine and natural foods, which includes sales and marketing 
Assistant program coordinator for artist/husband Michael Albert, assisting to coordinate workshop schedule.

As a longtime participant, supporter and fan of PPCT,  I fully understand the unique nature of its mission both in theory and in practice. And deemed it worth traveling from Westchester!  I would love to be part of helping keep what makes PPCT  PPCT, and also help it evolve into its new incarnation. Thank you.