My name is Kevin Kunkel, and I am the father of Carmen and Phillip Kunkel-Quesada, and husband to Ginnette.  Our family has been active with PPCT for 10 years, and members of Holy Trinity Church for 8 of those years.  I have done many things over the years working as a PPCT Liaison to the Vestry (where I was a Warden), working during the summer intensives, building sets, managing sound, projecting supergraphics, and other technical contributions.  

More recently, I have headed the finance sub-committee for the PPCT re-launch. In that capacity, I managed the following: budget modelling for projections to qualify for grants, leasing, etc; establishing an accounting platform to manage cashflow, etc.; establishing a member database to manage communications information; establishing our new website platform; establishing a new payroll application; contributing to the effort of steering during our transitional phase; and beginning the move process of storing our physical assets. 

I believe that our community theater can make it through this transition period only by the will and hard work of the community coming together.  We are off to a great start, and I aim to help in the ways that I can.