Hello, everyone! I am Liz Ciotti, mother of Emilia and David. My family started watching PPCT shows in 2004-’05 season, and then Emilia began performing the next year. My kids have each performed in over 25 productions (with at least 6 PPCT directors), been Actors’ Society officers, run the lights and sound, stage managed… basically spent any free time of their formative years at the theater. My husband, Orlando, and I have always been involved - from helping with costumes, scenery, painting storage rooms, selling tickets, and hosting  cast events, to name a few. Rey Rey used to refuse to call PPCT a family, because he knew we all had our own; yet the Pied Piper has been our family, as the kids have grown up with your children and we have become close to many of you. I am not sure if we could have managed raising children alone in NYC if it hadn’t been for the Pied Piper. Emilia’s friends in college listen to her stories with great envy, as she talks about growing up in the theater.

I was humbled when a few different people approached me about running for the Board. I love this theater and will do whatever is necessary to move it forward. My greatest asset that I will bring to the Board is my ability to appreciate both the trees and the forest at one time. I am an elementary school special education teacher here in the neighborhood. Over the years I have come to understand how to balance each person’s individual needs with the needs of the group; how to work on a day-to-day basis, while still moving toward a long-term goal; how to take an impossible task, and find the smaller, achievable tasks within it. I recognize the value of careful, deliberate consideration, while still knowing how to meet a deadline. I have watched the theater undergo many transitions in the years I have been involved. This new transition will be just one of many, as we all continue to carry on the ever-changing vision that began over 20 years ago.  Thank you for your vote!