My interaction with PPCT started by coming to see shows in support of family friends who were performing and has grown as our son Marco has started performing in PPCT shows. Seven shows and counting, plus the Summer Intensive program. It has been a place that has allowed him to grow as an actor, and as a person. He is more confident than ever due largely to his PPCT experiences. 

As a family, we have become more and more involved over the past several years, often volunteering for after-show cleanup, working the ticket booth and concession stand, and just trying to help out wherever we are needed. As my wife, Nancy, has become more involved in the effort to find PPCT a new home and through planning the upcoming gala, I wanted to also do my share. I feel that my experiences in marketing, strategy and operations as well as helping run several small organizations would allow me to bring a broad perspective to the PPCT Board. I would be honored to help continue what everyone has worked so hard to start and save.  

Work Experience: 

As the Senior Vice President of Operations and Strategy for Geopath, Scott is responsible for leading the transition to a more service-oriented organization as well as working with members to help them more strategically use the suite of ratings, data and insights that Geopath offers. He is also responsible for leading the education, and training of Geopath’s new measurement system. 

Scott has a diverse background with more than two decades of experience that spans operations, research, strategy, and digital marketing. His experience working for both brands and agencies gives him an understanding of the unique needs of all members. Scott’s work in the digital advertising space provides important insight into how consumer behavior is changing due to the proliferation of mobile devices and the attendant impact to OOH advertising. 

Prior to joining Geopath, Scott most recently led the Strategy and Analytics practice for Questus, a digital ad agency, as Vice President of Insights and Strategy. He holds an MBA from Syracuse University and a BS in engineering from Clarkson University. He is also a Visiting Associate Professor in Management at the Pratt Institute in New York City since 2001.