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I'm going to
the Gala!

Pied Piper's 2022 Spring Gala

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Zephyr on a wonderful final show of our 2022/23 Season!

April 29th Open Mic Night

Pied Piper's Robin Hood 
takes top awards at the
Hudson Film Festival!

CONGRATULATIONS to the entire team of Pied Piper's Robin Hood, which was awarded the following at the Hudson Film Festival on
April 15th: Best Original Score (Bravo to Pied Piper alum, Omar Camps-Kamrin!), Top Movie of the Year (Audience favorite), Impact Award (Celebrating the Power of Story Telling), and a "Certificate of Excellence" for the direction by Leslie Kincaid Burby. Of course the film would not have been what it was without the incredible talents of Joe Burby for the beautiful cinematography, Janet Mervin for her glorious costumes, Adam Burby for the thrilling fight choreography, Colleen Hawks-Pierce and Jeff Pierce, and all of the amazing Pied Piper teen and tween actors who appeared in the film, including GaĆ«l Mervin-Leroy who played the part of Robin and received a nomination at the festival for Best Actor!

I think it's incredible that I have the luck of living in a neighborhood where they have a theatre and I can perform in it.

Leo, age 10

I've learned a lot, not just as a performer but as a person. I don't think I'd be the person I am today without it.

Tamara, age 15

One word that makes me think of Pied Piper is... happiness.

Grover, age 7